Inaugural Omidyar Neighborhood Class Graduates

By the Oahuan 2023 yearbook student staff

2023 13+ Club Photo

Punahou’s 13+ Club includes students who have remained a part of the community from kindergarten until graduation. This year’s newest 13+ Club members were the inaugural class to enter the Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood in 2010. Completed in the summer of 2010, the Neighborhood included the construction of five new buildings and the renovation of Wilcox Hall. The beautiful new facility shaped the Class of 2023’s Punahou journey. Members share their fond memories from the beginning of their Punahou experience. 

A Great St(art): As the first classes to use Omidyar, kindergarten and first grade students created a mural for one of their class projects. The students convened for the unveiling of the finalized mural. Photo: K. Connelly, 2010

“I remember having so much fun making the Omidyar mural with my friends. It is so special that our class will be able to leave behind this remnant of our experience and that it will continue to greet students for years to come,” Harlequinn Wolters ’23 said. “By using our imagination in the rock river, singing on top of the rock, and pumping water by the playground, we developed a love for the outdoors at an early age,” Kylie-Ann Smith ’23 added.

With opportunities to plant new crops in Omidyar’s garden, the 13+ Club members experienced the growth of new beginnings. “The most memorable activities for me as a kindergartner were recess and art time. During recess, we were able to wander around the bridge and the windmill. It allowed all of us to connect and explore our creativity with games, which in the end allowed us to stay friends as 12th graders,” Kyra Lung ’23 said. These students learned to excel within and beyond the community alongside each other.

The 13+ Club members will navigate through obstacles with the skills they cultivated over the years. “Watching my peers grow into the people they are today is truly a blessing,” Connor Allen ’23 said.

Staying In Shape: To learn the different shapes and angles, Asher Hallstrom ’23 practices a fun dance taught by Mrs. Arlene Merritt. He performed this original dance with his classmates. Photo: K. Connelly, 2010
Pumping It Up In Omidyar: Cole Shimamura ’23, Sophie Bender ’23 and Alex Kinoshita ’23 work together to use the water pump. The students explored the science behind real-life objects. Photo: K. Connelly, 2010

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