Inside the Classroom: Art Across the Grades

Art with Ulu in Kindergarten

Longtime art teacher Arlene Merritt led students through an exploration of the ulu trees in the Omidyar Neighborhood. There they made observations of the leaves and fruit, then gave the trunks a hug in gratitude.

Mat Weaving in Second Grade

Erin Oda’s second graders students in the Kosasa Community created colorful paper strips. The strips, some painted with natural hala tree brushes, were then woven into hearts in celebration of the school year theme, “Weaving a mat that seats many.”

Academy Wheel Throwing

In the ceramics studio at the Samuel and Mary Castle Art Center, Academy wheel-throwing students learn to make bowls, cups, mugs and vases. Later, they’ll delve into more complex forms – teapots and double-walled lanterns – and refined porcelain clay.

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