Music in the Kosasa Community

Music is alive in the Kosasa Community with second and third graders playing percussion instruments and embarking on a study of global music, led by Karen Drozd, the grades 2 – 5 music specialist.

Second graders are practicing rhythm patterns on personalized rhythm sticks, hand bells and boomwhackers (colorful plastic tubes), while third graders are playing ‘ukulele, learning to pick “Aloha Kakahiaka” and strum eight cords.

Fun worksheets that combine music and math help students learn to read rhythm notation. They’re also strengthening their skills through technology. For instance, using an iPad app called Xylophone 3D, they’re learning song melodies and harmonies, then putting them together with the rest of the group. 

The young learners also are studying cultures through music, including Chinese opera, the theater traditions of Japan, and the instruments and dances of the Philippines, with performances from guest artists. 

“The students understand that this year is atypical, but some amazing things have arisen during this time,” Drozd said. “We have a great time with the body percussion to music exercises and the children are always ready to play the rhythm sticks. I love it when they say, ‘What, is music over already? We just started!’ or ‘I can hardly wait for music tomorrow.’”

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