Parents Share Thoughts on Distance Learning

Punahou parents share their observations on Punahou’s online learning curriculum as their children have worked from home since the start of the school year.

Dana Even

Dayna Even, parent of a freshman
“We feel that learning is happening and that discussions are going on in our household about the courses and material. I think that the time frame that the teachers were given over the summer helped provide them an opportunity to to do online distance learning with more thoughtfulness and more engagement with the students. And I’m pleasantly surprised by the rigor and independence, as well as the commitment.”

Christine Ruotola, parent of a seventh grader
“I’m very pleased and impressed with the planning. I’m a planner, so the planning that has gone into the distance learning and the thoughtfulness of it is impressive. It seems like there’s this really solid thinking and a willingness to adapt as needed.”

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