Positivity Through Creativity Contest Winners

A group of Luke Leaders have selected four winners of their Positivity Through Creativity Contest, which invited students to submit writing, art, music or videos in support of teens struggling with mental health.

Two of the winners submitted art pieces, another submitted a video of a dance performance and another submitted an essay. “By forming this contest, we created an opportunity and an incentive for Punahou Academy students to talk about mental health through art, writing, music video, and more, which brings attention to this important issue,” said Harley Wolters ’23, who organized the contest with classmates Joy Leung ’23 and Maddy Hodge ’23. “The contest was extremely successful, as we received over 30 incredible, diverse and moving submissions. We’re extremely excited for the future of the Positivity Through Creativity Project and to continue spreading awareness about mental health.” 

The winners include an art piece titled, “The Jar” by Alana Clayson ’24; an art piece titled “Per Aspera” by Ojoo Choi ’24; an essay by Beren Strawser ’24 and a dance piece by Hina Ricardo ’23 titled, “Runaway.”

“The Jar” by Alana Clayson ’24
“Per Aspera” by Ojoo Choi ’24

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