PUEO Explorations: Arts and the Environment

Mamiya Science Center was a beehive of activity on Saturday morning as more than 130 grade 5 – 9 Clarence T. C. Ching PUEO scholars gathered at 8:30 a.m. to explore sustainability through the arts.

The morning began in Cornuelle Lecture Hall with a hula danced to Kui Lee’s “Lahainaluna,” led by fifth and seventh grade scholars who had asked whether they could begin the morning with the remembrance. Most of the scholars raised their hands when asked whether they knew someone impacted by the fires. 

Students then divided into grade-level groups where they made canvas bags imprinted with natural leaf and flower stencils; learned about lo’i irrigation by designing and testing their own PVC drainage models; got up to their elbows in a soil mix to form more than 200 genki balls for the Ala Wai Canal cleanup; explored identity and place through hip-hop; created kapa designs on paper; and worked on poetry and storytelling.

Laughter, hugs and an impressive amount of learning were the order of the day. 96% attendance set an all-time record for PUEO’s annual fall event which concluded with tasty bento and a well-received video message from President Mike Latham.

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