Punahou Carnival Makes a Splash

Punahou welcomed the community to its shores for the Punahou Carnival, hosted by the Junior Class of 2025, for two stunning sunny days of fun. This year’s theme, “Explore the Shore ’24,” infused the event with beach and ocean vibes, from creatively named booths to themed carnival fabric. Taking place on Feb. 2 and 3, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., the Carnival was a tidal wave of fun, all in support of Punahou’s financial aid program, benefiting nearly 900 students.

The ocean of activities and delights at the Carnival included fresh malasadas, Portuguese bean soup, over 30,000 teri burgers served, and more culinary favorites, while kiddie games and E.K. Fernandez rides added splashes of excitement. The Art Gallery featured a pre-Carnival online jewelry sale and showcased over 1,000 pieces by 220 local artists in the Bishop Learning Center. The Silent Auction offered quality products and Punahou memorabilia, while the White Elephant presented a treasure trove of goods collected through donations.

Special touches for this year included a student-designed Tyvek bag inspired by the “Aloha Collection,” the return of the Sweet Treats booth, guava jelly, the comeback of favorite rides and games, including E.K. Fernandez’s thrill ride, Zero Gravity, and a Carnival app by the Computer Science Club. Seniors captivated audiences with their “24,000 Leagues Under the Sea” Variety Show, demonstrating skills in writing, design, costume, set construction, choreography and stage management. They also decorated the set with personal messages on paper fish, creating an ocean of memories. A successful sugar drive for malasadas and a rice drive in support of Maui relief efforts showcased the community’s generous spirit.

The event was a tidal force of community spirit, creativity and fun, all for a noble cause, creating an unforgettable experience. With over 4,500 volunteers, the Punahou Carnival achieved great success. Heartfelt thanks to our students, faculty, staff, families and volunteers for their commitment. Special thanks to all who supported the cause of financial aid at Punahou.

With reporting by Rachel Breitweser ’03, Sienna Estes ’25 and Mehana Stone ’25. Photos by Kathleen Connelly.

Relive the excitement of Carnival.


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