Student Organizers are Ready for Carnival

From unique merchandise to mouth-watering food, exciting games and an exclusive silent auction, Punahou Carnival 2024 promises to be a dazzling display of community spirit, creativity and fun. Student organizers share their excitement and extend an invitation to all to attend on Feb. 2 and 3.

Administrative Division

Kamalau Kimata ’25 from the Administrative Division proudly shares, “One of the unique features of the Admin Division and Shirts and Materials booth is that the merchandise for this Carnival was designed by the Admin Division and other Punahou artists.” This year’s special highlight is the Tyvek bag, inspired by the “Aloha Collection.” Kimata adds, “I am very pleased with how the merchandise turned out.” The Admin Division heads 10 booths, including Sound Booth, Purchasing, and Shirts and Materials, focusing on creating signature merchandise and fabric for this year’s Carnival.

Food Division

Kainalu Spear of the Food Division is excited to announce the return of the popular Sweet Treats booth for a second year. Spear finds joy in “being able to work with friends and classmates, in order to see their hard work and dedication come to life.” The division oversees more than 18 booths, featuring the fan-favorite malasadas, classic Portuguese bean soup, and hamburgers, with an astonishing count of over 30,000 hamburgers grilled. The Juniors also hosted a sugar drive for malasadas and collected rice to support Chef Hui’s Maui Relief Fund.

Skills and Games Division

Jacie Yogi and Griffin Chen from the Skills and Games Division are excited about the return of EK Fernandez rides and games. Yogi says, “This year we are able to have a few rides and some of the EK Fernandez games, which our division is really excited about.” Chen adds, “I think students are most excited to play all of the games we have to offer and win some great prizes.” The division also focuses on preparing game booths, with parents and students coming together for painting sessions.

Specialties Division

The division oversees eight booths, including Art Gallery, Silent Auction, Jams and Jellies and Haku Lei. In the Specialties Division, Kate Hirota shares her passion for jam and jelly making, particularly lilikoi butter, and is excited to introduce a new offering: guava jelly. Richard Tamura reflects on the success of the pre-Carnival Arts and Crafts Holiday Sale, thanking the volunteers: “You all helped to make this year’s Arts and Crafts Holiday Sale ‘sun-sational.'” At the Silent Auction, Andrew Black encourages visitors to explore quality products, jewelry, Punahou items and more. “The booth is going to be super fun this year, make sure to come!” Black says, highlighting the exclusive items up for bidding.

White Elephant

The White Elephant Division excelled in collecting a treasure trove of items, from household goods to Punahou memorabilia. “This past summer, we have had three extremely successful donation drives, in which we collected over 30 pallets of donations!” said Christian Chang. They eagerly anticipate setting up their tent, housing Books, Treasures, Clothing, Housewares and Toys booths, for the Carnival.

Carnival Co-Chairs

Co-chair Joanna Sato is enthusiastic about the new merchandise, such as the Starfish Tote bag and collaborations for special carnival towels and aprons. Sato’s ultimate joy is “seeing friends, family, classmates and the public enjoying Punahou Carnival.”

With reporting by Rachel Breitweser ’03, Sienna Estes ’25 and Mehana Stone ’25

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