Punahou Dance School Spring Production 2023

This April the Punahou Dance School debuted “Universal Dreams: A Magical Journey through the Elements” under the guidance of Director Annri Opitz-Kostick. Performed four times over April 13 – 15 in Dillingham Theatre, the original production highlighted each Punahou Dance School class, a total of 330 students in kindergarten – grade 12. The spring production took audiences on a magical journey inspired by the elemental forces of water, earth, fire and wind.

The best part of the experience was being backstage with the dancers, especially the kindergartners, and seeing and feeling their excitement of performing! I loved the positive energy that was created backstage and enjoyed working alongside our talented faculty and staff.

I’m a little sad that the production is over, but I feel inspired by our talented and dedicated students and faculty. I’m looking forward to creating more shows in the future!

Annri Opitz-Kostick, Dance School Director

Photos by Kathleen Connelly

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