‘Shrek The Musical JR.’

Nearly 40 middle school students charmed audiences during two fall performances of “Shrek The Musical JR.” at Dillingham Hall. The production was based on the DreamWorks Animation film and colorful Broadway musical. “The most important lesson [students] learned is how to be an integral member of a team in an environment of love and support,” said Director Vanessa Manuel-Mazzullo. “New bonds were formed, and many lasting friendships were created. Rehearsals ended with a compliment, hug, handshake or high five to seal these bonds.”

Fast Facts: 38 Cast Members; 11 Technicians; 2 Academy Technical Assistants; 1 Academy Assistant to Director; 10 Weeks of Rehearsal; 86 Costumes; 344 Costume Pieces; 60+ Parent Volunteers

Lord Farquaad, played by Nicholas Lockwood ’24, points toward Gingy, performed by Penelope Dye ’25.
Charlie Ho ’25 as Shrek emerges from his swamp home.

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