Student End-of-Year Awards 2023

Academic Awards | Centers Distinction | Athletic Awards | Junior School

Congratulations to Punahou’s Junior School and Academy students for their outstanding academic and athletic achievements and other noteworthy contributions to the School community.


Academic Awards

Academy students were recognized for their academic efforts. View the full program of Academic Award recipients.


Presented to LET I – IV Cadets of the Year.

Lt. Col. Ret. Robert Takao, LET I Cadet of the Year Abigail Dinh ’26, LET II Cadet of the Year Kai Im ’25, LET III Cadet of the Year Seung Min Ham ’24, LET IV Cadet of the Year Cashel Blue Kodama ’23 and Sgt. Maj. Ret. Gary Kondo ’84.

John F. Fox Achievement Award        

This award of partial Punahou tuition remission recognizes accomplishments in academics, athletics or extra-curricular activities of students at any grade level. The School President selects recipients. 

John F. Fox Achievement Award winners, from left: Huiyin Xu ’25, Iris Xu ’24 and Logan Hange ’26.

Michael McPhee Award                     

This award goes to a junior boy and girl who are acceptable scholars in relation to their abilities and who exemplify the character, leadership, enthusiasm and zest for life which was so much a part of Michael McPhee’s own personality. These students make a difference to their classmates at Punahou.

Michael McPhee Award winners, from left: Irene Zhong ’24 and Noah Macapulay ’24.

Principal’s Award

The Principal’s Award is presented to underclassmen who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and have made significant contributions to the class and School.

Recipients of this year’s Principal’s Award: Top row, from left: President Mike Latham ’86, Reilee Kuba ’26,  Kolton Leong ’24, Kaleo Fleming ’26, Keilani Stewart ’24, Noa Wong ’24, Miya Peterson ’24, Donte Utu ’25, Isaiah Tanaka ’25, Zachary Fuimaono ’25, Caleb Liu ’26 and Academy Principal Gustavo Carrera. Bottom row, from left: Katherine Viola ’24, Lexi Namba ’24, Ivey Zhong ’24, Makena Sakahara ’25, Julia Leong ’24 and Brooke Machado ’25.

President’s Award

The President’s Award recognizes seniors who have distinguished themselves as scholars, leaders and inspirational members of the Punahou community, for their outstanding service to the School.

Senior recipients of the President’s Award: Top row, from left: Trevor Wong, Jack Ho, Jett Takazawa, Zachary White, Bradley Martin, Jaynie Fu, Celina Lim, Aidan Fraiola, Ezra Levinson, Anya Latham, Sophia Espinoza, Rachel Waggoner, Iris Sim, Hunter Hustace and Kainoa Ronquilio. Front row, from left: Katherine Jo Misailidis, Alison Hayashi, Faith Ota, Eleanor Cowell, Kaelah Kimura, Lindsay Minami, Olivia Mui, Skyler Recel-Chang, Marissa Halagao, Kate Wong, Katie Rudolf, Royshelle Trixie Agngarayngay, Laynee Torres-Kahapea, Chloe Yoshiki and President Mike Latham ’86.

Academic Awards | Centers Distinction | Athletic Awards | Junior School

Centers Distinction Recipients

Punahou recognizes the Academy Centers Distinction recipients for their work and dedication to Punahou’s educational centers. Distinctions awarded are the Public Service Education Distinction from Luke Center for Public Service, Global Education Distinction from Wo International Center, Design Technology and Engineering Distinction from Design Technology and Engineering, ‘Ike Hawai’i Distinction from Kuaihelani Learning Center, Student Entrepreneurship Distinction from Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship and Civic Education Distinction from Davis Democracy Initiative.

Senior Academy Centers Distinction recipients: Top row, from left: Kristin Abe, Global Education; Keryn Yagi, Global Education; Mahina Hardin, Student Entrepreneurship; Kasin Ito-Sato, Design Technology and Engineering; Marcus Herrera, Design Technology and Engineering; Yui Fang, Design Technology and Engineering; Aria Saines, Civic Education; Zach Murray, Design Technology and Engineering; Shea Sakahara, Public Service Education; Stellan Atterbom, Design Technology and Engineering; Jonathan Kwon, Public Service Education; Alvin Lam, Student Entrepreneurship; Matai Loveman, Design Technology; and Engineering and Harley Wolters, Public Service Education. Middle row, from left: Chloe Yoshiki, ‘Ike Hawai’i; Joey Misailidis, ‘Ike Hawai’i; Noe Ando, Public Service Education; Quinn Miyamoto, Design Technology and Engineering; Jenna Kazim, Design Technology and Engineering; Ann Marie Tobin, Public Service Education; Rachel Waggoner, Public Service Education; Davina Li, Student Entrepreneurship; and Cashel Blue Kodama, Public Service Education. Bottom row, from left: Taylor Yuen, Student Entrepreneurship; Lindsay Minami, Design Technology and Engineering; Kyra Lung, Student Entrepreneurship; Ashley Murakami, Student Entrepreneurship; Ella Williams, Student Entrepreneurship; Maddy Hodge, Global Education; Marisa Halagao, Global Education; Emi Uohara, Public Service Education; Kaelah Kimura, Public Service Education; Katerina Im, Public Service Education; Skyler Recel-Chang, Global Education; and Maile Stoutemyer, Global Education. Not pictured: Liam Hutchison, Design Technology and Engineering; and Kourtney Nishimura, Global Education.

Academic Awards | Centers Distinction | Athletic Awards | Junior School

Athletic Awards

C. Dudley Pratt Athletes of-the Year Award

Recipients of this award are seniors chosen based on their cumulative athletic achievement, team leadership, positive character, consistent coachability, solid citizenship and sportsmanship.

12th graders Raya Nakao, Kaimakana Flanagan, Stryker Scales, Kyler Ryen Saoit, Laynee Torres-Kahapea and John-Keawe Sagapolutele.

The McEldowney-Matthias Memorial Award

This is a memorial award presented to the junior student athletes who have been judged to be making the highest contributions in citizenship, scholarship, sportsmanship and athletics.

11th graders Payton Jim On, Kekai Burnett, Carly Ann Cormack and Elise Wong.

Punahou O-Men and Pa‘ani Awards

Begun in 1992, this award recognizes the sophomore student athletes who demonstrated ability, team spirit, sportsmanship, dedication and the support of others.

10th graders Hazel Campbell and Tanner Ige.

The Billy Weaver Memorial Trophy

This award is given annually to the outstanding freshman student athletes in memory of Billy’s warm friendship and honest ways which won the love and respect of all who knew him.

Ninth graders Wyatt Williamson and Journei Webster.

Academic Awards | Centers Distinction | Athletic Awards | Junior School

Junior School

Junior School students were recognized for their academic efforts. The John Fox Achievement Award recognizes middle school accomplishments in academics, athletics or co-curricular activities. The William Knowlton Award, in memory of Bishop Hall supervisor Bill Knowlton, goes to middle school students who best exemplify those qualities Knowlton held in highest esteem – integrity, kindness, caring, a sense of humor and commitment.

Sixth Grade

Sixth-grade award winners, from left: Principal Todd Chow-Hoy, John Fox Achievement awardee Marlowe Lai, William Knowlton awardees Samantha Harris and Luke Herring and Grade 6 Administrative Dean Andrew O’Riordan.

Seventh Grade

Seventh-grade award winners, from left: Principal Todd Chow-Hoy, William Knowlton awardees Ava Zoto and Jaedyn Koshiba, John Fox Achievement awardee Kekoa Payanal and Grade 7 Administrative Dean Rianne Graves-Grantham ’93.

Eighth Grade

Eighth-grade award winners, from left: President Mike Latham ’86, John Fox Achievement awardee Luke Itomura, William Knowlton awardees Tatiana Chen and Serene Chow, Principal Todd Chow-Hoy and Grade 8 Administrative Dean Kip Kuhn.

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