The Academy Learning Commons café is envisioned as a gathering space designed to foster engagement, collaboration and connection among students and faculty.

The Class of 2026 Eyes New Academy Learning Commons with Excitement

Jake Tripp ’26

Let’s Get Cooking

I am really excited about the new Learning Commons – more specifically about the culinary learning labs because I hope to take a class there one day. It is a great idea to add this to the new space because it will allow for more students who wouldn’t necessarily take a class involving cooking to go outside of their comfort zone.

Maya Gaudiano ’26

Sipping and Socializing at the Café

I hope for the new Learning Commons to feel very open and have lots of natural light. I can imagine spending most of my time there studying, but I hope to also be able to socialize and spend time with friends in the café as well.

Qinglin “Charles” Ye ’26

Unleashing Design Potential

Some things that I’m hopeful to find are a variety of equipment for the students to use. For example, in the current KRLL lab, we have a lot of tools and materials, such as the water jet, 3D printer, etc. This often inspires me to approach the design process from a new perspective, and I always try my best to incorporate as many tools as I can. Having this equipment leads to a diverse range of projects.

Sophia Howell ’26

Variety is the Spice of Life

I am most looking forward to the different spaces it will provide. I love quiet studying, but it will be nice to have rooms for collaboration, outdoor eating and relaxation. I think the new space will meet all the students’ needs, and I can’t wait to see what it will look like.

Riley Mishina ’26

A Peaceful Oasis

I look forward to being able to study in a nice, relaxing and peaceful environment in the new ALC. I imagine that it will feel like a place where everyone is welcome to study and relax. I hope to be productive in the new Academy Learning Commons so I can have the best senior year possible.

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