The Joys of Movie Mania!

By Reid Mizue ’98 P ’30, New Families Events Co-Chair

Each year “Movie Mania,” more aptly known as PFA (Family) Movie Night, is calendared and planned for, and then it simply happens. However, the actual process and PFA event isn’t as simple or cut and dried as the previous sentence implies. From reaching out for volunteer manpower through setup and breakdown, the PFA is there to make sure the Punahou ‘ohana feels the love throughout the year. PFA volunteers consider the vision for an event, apply lessons learned from previous years, and enthusiastically strategize for a meaningful activity in support of the Punahou community. 

I’ve assisted with in-class activities through my child’s earliest years at Punahou. I enjoy the participatory experience of working alongside faculty and like-minded parents to complete tasks so the kids are set up to enjoy themselves. The task-oriented nature of organizing such events is what led me to PFA’s New Families. When I received an invite to shadow the co-chair, I accepted the opportunity and immediately found tasks available for me to help with. Participating in the planning of the New Families Social and supporting the Flaming “P” homecoming events have been a blast as a volunteer and now co-chair. Witnessing the smiling faces of Punahou’s keiki, their parents and faculty is without a doubt the biggest joy of volunteering. 

PFA New Families’ most joyous event is, of course, “Movie Mania.” Each Spring we plan for a family-friendly early evening movie showing. Most recently, PFA Movie Night featured “Despicable Me 2.” Over 200 attendees watched the hilariously entertaining “buff ’n blue” minion movie. Turnout was a success and we were pleased we had properly planned for added capacity. Buff ’n Blue colored popcorn was provided to each attendee and handed out by PFA volunteers in their best minion outfits. This year’s PFA Movie Mania evening will be held Saturday, March 4, 2023, and we are looking forward to delivering an amazing viewing of a Pixar movie! We are not at liberty to say which movie will be shown, but we can guarantee joy-filled laughter and ‘ohana togetherness. 

Movie Mania will be held Saturday, March 4, 2023, on Punahou’s campus. Please continue to look for emails announcing specifics on the movie showing, on-campus location(s), event parking and sign-up information to volunteer for this wonderful activity for the entire family.

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