The PFA Parent Enrichment Committee

By Parent Enrichment Committee Chairs Mae Lynne Ng ‘89 Swoboda, P ’27, ’29, and Christine Thomas, P ’29, ’31

If you’ve attended a PFA Teacher Talk and learned from school counselors about helping children build healthy relationships, or a recent Parent Coffee highlighting the Case Middle School Health Curriculum, you’ve seen firsthand what the Parent Enrichment Committee (PEC) is designed to do – and we’re so glad you did.

The PEC helps create, plan and facilitate events for Punahou’s parent community during the PFA Monthly Gatherings and Parent Coffees that shine light on curriculum, educational innovations, and unique school programs. Though topics change each time, the PEC’s compass is the pillars of a Punahou education, from Social Emotional and Ethical Learning (SEEL) to sustainability. Featured speakers are Punahou faculty and staff who craft interactive presentations for K – 12 parents that provide insights, tips and ways to partner with Punahou to support your children’s learning journey.

It was at a Parent Coffee highlighting Punahou’s Outdoor Education program that I (this year’s PEC co-chair Mae Lynne Swoboda) really connected with the PEC. In just one morning I saw how much work and thought goes into Punahou’s curriculum and how each year builds on previous experience and teachings. It gave me greater appreciation for what my children experience.

For me, fellow co-chair Christine Thomas, being part of the PEC is a chance to be more engaged in different aspects of my children’s education, as well as an opportunity to give back by helping other parents connect with meaningful, supportive and relevant topics no matter where they are on their Punahou journey.

The Parent Enrichment Committee is always looking for volunteers to help plan and moderate events, identify topics that interest parents, and give feedback so we can improve in the future. Join us to share your voice and perspective with other parents and partner with the school in a whole new way.

Interested in joining the PFA Parent Enrichment Committee? Reach out:

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