Virtual Sustainability Fair Celebrates Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, on April 22, students created a virtual experience for Punahou’s annual, student-organized Sustainability Fair. A YouTube playlist with more than 40 videos aims to educate and inspire the community on ways to live well while protecting our Islands and Earth.

“I wanted to make sure that we were able to keep the annual Sustainability Fair alive, even if we couldn’t be on campus,” organizer Liam Lynch ’21 said. “The Sustainability Fair is a great opportunity for our Punahou community to gather and discuss how we can help protect our beautiful Island home. I think it is too valuable of an experience for us to lose. So, I envisioned a virtual Sustainability Fair that created a space where people could share their passion for the environment and stay connected, even though we are physically far apart.”

Mahalo to Lynch, the Luke Center for Public Service, along with student and faculty contributors for making this virtual event a reality.

See the student videos in the 2020 Virtual Sustainability Fair Playlist on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the environment, which sunscreens are reef safe, how to build a solar oven and more.

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