Vision Realized

“There is no question that Kosasa Community fulfills Punahou’s wish that its students embrace green practices and sustainability from the earliest grades. It was also very important that the neighborhood preserve the guiding principles of famed Hawai‘i architect Vladimir Ossipoff when he designed the Winne Units to take full advantage of indoor and outdoor spaces. Our family has been grateful that the children and faculty have embraced all of the wonderful features of this very special place from the open lawns to the terracing for the native Hawaiian plants, and to divert spring water from the Lily Pond to create a continuous ‘auwai.” – Thomas Kosasa ’63

Above photo: Thomas Kosasa ’63 and wife, Mi, with President Mike Latham ’86, at Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5, named after Thomas Kosasa’s parents.

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