To our Punahou ‘Ohana

During this time of Thanksgiving, we send a warm mahalo to our entire Punahou community for all that you are, and all that you do.

To our students
We’re grateful for our students, who have demonstrated an amazing ability to pivot and adapt to new ways of doing things. We appreciate everything you’ve done to keep learning and thriving during these challenging times. 

To our parents
We’re so grateful to our parents and families for navigating this ever-changing and challenging COVID-19 landscape with us, as we continue to work together to safely educate students this school year.

To our faculty
We’re grateful for our teachers and administrators who continue to show remarkable dedication and love for their students. Your unwavering commitment has become palpable during the time of COVID-19, and we appreciate everything you’ve done to educate our students.

To our staff
We’re grateful to our amazing staff – everyone from those cleaning classrooms to those preparing lunches to those handling our many technological needs. We appreciate everything you do to keep our school running safely, efficiently and effectively.

To our donors
We’re grateful to Punahou donors who heard the call for help when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. To all our donors – for the PunsUnited Fund for emergency financial aid, the Punahou Fund and other giving priorities – thank you for helping us keep all our students safe.

To our alumni volunteers
We’re grateful to our dedicated alumni volunteers who continue to rise up to help our School in so many ways, whether it’s coordinating Class activities or helping at Carnival. We appreciate everything you do for Punahou!

To our alumni around the world
We’re grateful for the Punahou ‘ohana around the globe – alumni, families and friends – who have offered their skills, talents and resources to help others during the pandemic. We salute the front-line healthcare workers, but also those who stepped up in numerous ways to give back to their communities. The world is a better place because of all that you do.

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