What’s Happening on Campus

Here’s a look at the various ways learning is taking place across campus, with safety and health protocols in place. Faculty members across campus share how they are teaching and engaging students.

High School Students Build a Mini Electric Train

Academy engineering students in the D. Kenneth Richardson ’48 Learning Lab have been fabricating and assembling a miniature train and 250-foot track that will serve as a fun ride and teaching tool. The battery powered and solar charged 12-to-1 scale replica of a steel locomotive is designed to be set up on a basketball court and can be used at Carnival, decorated at Christmas or set up at other schools as a fun activity that inspires an interest in engineering. The train sets, which are popular in Australia and California, can also be raced competitively, said Ed Kinnear, Academy Design Technology and Engineering faculty member, who is guiding students in the project.

Children’s Author Meets With Kindergartners

Kindergartners were treated to an online guest visit by Tom Lichtenheld, the author and illustrator of the children’s book “Duck! Rabbit!” and others. “We had an absolute blast with him, laughing, sharing stories, learning how to draw and watching him draw,” said Punahou’s K – 1 Librarian Marci Johnstone ’87. Prior to meeting Lichtenheld, children made art inspired by his book “Friendshape.”

The Show Goes On

“Students are having a blast rehearsing socially distanced plays in Dillingham Theatre Workshop,” said Director of Theatre Melinda Moore.

Music Moves Outdoors

 Michael Lippert’s Academy Chorus class has taken place outdoors recently. “While no photo can capture the feeling of making music, we can capture this place in time, when our faculty are doing everything they can to ensure that their students continue to fulfill the aims of a Punahou education and make their voices heard,” said Chrisann Sills, administrative assistant for the Music Department.

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