Academy Centers Distinction Opportunities

In the last couple weeks of school, eighth graders got a preview of what’s to come as they transition to the Academy and how they can connect with Punahou’s Centers — and even earn a Centers Distinction. 

Punahou’s Centers have long been part of the School’s rich tapestry of educational offerings. Academy students deeply invested in the mission of Punahou’s Centers can be formally recognized through the Distinctions program. Students who demonstrate competency in the respective areas – culminating in a portfolio and a defense – are eligible to receive an official Distinction on their transcripts.

The Distinction recognizes students for their work with the center they dedicated themselves to, including the Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship (CASE); Design Technology and Engineering; Kuaihelani Center for ‘Ike Hawai‘i; Luke Center for Public Service; Outdoor Education; and Wo International Center. 

Together with several Distinctions students, David Ball (Davis Democracy Initiative Program Coordinator) and Mark Loughridge (Director of the Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship) presented the road map to working with a center on a Distinction. The students shared stories of their own personal journeys in the Academy, with an emphasis on making the most of the wealth of opportunities.

Students also heard from Yolanda Lau ‘98 about the Project Accelerator, a new Academy summer course designed to develop entrepreneurial skills while providing students the co-working space, expertise, and guidance to help them work on their Centers Distinctions – or make progress on another independent project.

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