Thurston Memorial Chapel Turns 50
Fifty years after Thurston Memorial Chapel opened its doors, hundreds of people gathered to reflect on the Chapel’s vibrant role in the life of the School and to share their memories of this strikingly original structure.
Let’s Play!
At Barwick Playground in Kosasa Community, Radhika Sarkar ’18, a junior, is sitting on the ground beneath the “Explorer Dome,” an arching dome of interconnected ropes, bars and netting. Second- and third-graders are suspended above her, chatting, climbing and laughing.
Dr. Thomas Kosasa ’63
In January, Dr. Thomas Kosasa ’63 was elected to the Punahou School Board of Trustees. Kosasa, a renowned infertility specialist and professor emeritus at John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) at University of Hawai‘i, is an active and dedicated supporter of the School.
In July 2015, Mike Lippert, Academy Music Department head and choir teacher, and Amanda Lippert, K — 1 music teacher, with their two children, Greg ’26 and Nohea ’29, embarked on a life-changing journey that took them 7,000 miles away from Hawai‘i.
Rhythm of the Strokes
At Ala Moana Beach Park during winter, one can witness a frequent, counterintuitive sight: heavy outrigger canoes traveling on land, gliding and bobbing atop multiple legs and straining shoulders.

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