The Skills that Matter
Jeff and David are seniors and good friends. They’ve attended Punahou since kindergarten and play water polo together. But over the years, David has noticed some growing differences between them. Jeff is one of the “smart kids.” He has always taken honors and AP classes, even in the summer.
The Days After the Attack on Pearl Harbor
Punahou’s yearlong centennial celebration was still fresh in everyone’s mind when the school year opened in September 1941. Student spirits were high, school projects received enthusiastic support from faculty and alumni, and enrollment stood at 1,450, with more children of military service members arriving every week. But just months later, the future of Punahou School was suddenly in question as the campus took on a significant role at the start of World War II.
With catchy songs and action-packed scenes, “Disney’s Mulan JR.” celebrated a beloved tale of Chinese culture and honor. Performances presented by Punahou middle- school students, based on the 1998 Disney film “Mulan” and the story “Fa Mulan” by Robert San Souci, captivated audiences of all ages in early November.
Over the course of two days, violinist Nick Kendall, double-bassist Ranaan Meyer and violinist Charles Yang — all members of the critically acclaimed trio, Time for Three — intersected with Punahou students, faculty and staff with virtuosic musical performances and critical insight into the creative process and its role in education.
Shelby Baron ’12
When it mattered most, Paralympian Shelby Baron ’12 dug deep and pulled out the best athletic performance of her life. It was day one of the wheelchair tennis competition at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, and Baron and doubles partner Emmy Kaiser were playing a team from France.
Showcasing Students’ Global Travels
The many international programs supported by Wo International Center this year were on display at Wo Global Journeys, an evening event on Oct. 18 that gave parents and students a chance to learn about the programs directly from students who participated in them.

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