Class of 2021 Celebrate at Senior Dinner

With their final weeks of high school upon them, the Class of 2021 took part in a celebratory Senior Dinner on the Academy lawn Saturday evening. Although a traditional prom could not be held because of pandemic restrictions, many seniors arrived at their “Wish Upon a Star” Senior Dinner in formal attire.

After dinner, students received their “Book of Wishes,” which they passed around to friends and classmates, exchanging notes. The Cooke Learning Commons also displayed a “Walk Through Memory Lane” exhibit, with treasures from their past.

“It was sheer joy for us to see the entire Class getting to connect in person with their friends, relaxed and having fun with each other,” Senior Dean Lisa Stewart said. “We’re so grateful to Punahou’s administration for supporting this event and grateful to the families who rearranged priorities in order to provide individual drop off and pick up of the students. With all the measures that the School, students and families followed, we were able to have a safe event, as well as a fun one.”

The Senior Dinner is one of a series of end-of-the-year events for the Class of 2021. On Saturday, June 5, 2021, an in-person graduation ceremony takes place on Alexander Field, with two family members for each student present on campus to watch. The ceremony also will be streamed for other family members and friends. Baccalaureate will take place with the Class together, but presented to friends and family virtually. Senior Chapel will be produced and presented virtually.

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