Festive Bonding at Sophomore Lū‘au

By Angel Pang P’26, PFA Grade 10 Representative 

February is a busy month for Punahou, but for Punahou sophomores it’s the time of year when they celebrate their annual dance with a Lū‘au. Sophomore Lū‘au is held on campus and planned by a committee of students, but the students don’t do it alone. The Lū‘au wouldn’t be possible without help from our PFA Advisory Parents. Our Advisory Parents play a vital role in the success of the Lū‘au and help connect faculty, parents, guardians and students throughout the year. 

Our wonderful Grade 10 families donated all the foliage needed to decorate the cafeteria. This year we had monstera, palm, ti, laua‘e, and a variety of orchids, just to name a few. We had so many donations that we were able to decorate every table, the entryway, and two photo backdrops for the students to enjoy. Not just that, but our PFA Advisory Parents dedicated their whole night to volunteering including setting up and decorating, checking in students, serving ‘ono Hawaiian food, watching bags and belongings, and cleaning up the cafeteria. 

It was a busy night for volunteers, but it was worth it to see our keiki having a great time. We are grateful for the sense of community that Punahou has provided our keiki, as well as for the parents. These events would not be possible without our parent volunteers and their generous donations. 

I volunteer at Punahou to support my daughter. I like to be involved with things that are going on in her life and volunteering allows me to do so. Being a part of the PFA lets me engage with her and her friends. It is also my way of giving back to a school that has given my daughter so many opportunities. Plus, I get to connect with other parents.

Mahalo to all that helped make the Class of 2026 Sophomore Lū‘au a memorable experience!

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