Inside the Classroom: Academy Advisory

Every Academy student starts high school with an Advisory, a group of fellow students in their grade level and one or two teachers that remain together until graduation.

Advisories meet every cycle or alternating cycles to check in about campus happenings and do team-building activities. Advisory gives students a core group of peers and teachers to provide support and camaraderie. 

Advisory is one component of Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning through the Support and Wellness (S+Well) department designed to foster inclusiveness and a sense of belonging.

The goal of Advisory is to create a community where everyone feels welcome, known and safe. It really helps students understand that there are caring adults on campus who can support them.”

Maureen MacLeod, S+Well Department chair

During a recent Advisory meeting, advisors Hikaru Yamaguchi, associate director of College Counseling, and Tom Shubert ’06, assistant director of Tennis, and their 11th grade students visited the first grade classes of Allison Milford and Kathy Puetz for a fun reading session and playtime. 

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