Kūpuna Day 2022

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the kindergartners shared their love with their grandparents for the heartwarming annual Kūpuna Day, which has been adapted during the pandemic.

The celebrations took place over Webex this week, with students dressed in pink, red and white for the occasion. Each cohort gave a special presentation of poems and videos of recorded songs to all the kūpuna. Students then met them one-on-one on Webex to give a tour of the classroom on iPads.

“It is our absolute most favorite day of the year and while it’s better in person, the beauty of doing it virtually is that kūpuna can join us from all around the world,” Kindergarten teacher Gaylynn Nakamatsu said.

In Kina‘u Hirahara ’86 Shipman’s class, “we had several in other states and some were even working – one was at a hospital,” she said. “Afterwards, we received many nice emails from kūpuna about the experience.”

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