Meet Punahou’s Counselors

Let’s take a moment to show appreciation for our amazing school counselors at Punahou during National School Counseling Week 2023 (Feb. 6 – 10) sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). This week highlights the important role school counselors play in our school systems and how they positively impact students’ academic success and future careers. Learn more about counseling at Punahou. Thank you, counselors!

K – 5 Counselors (from left to right):
Kimo Saito, Class of 2028 counselor; Kirsten Ralston, Class of 2027 counselor; Tiara Lee-Gustilo, Class of 2029 counselor; Lauli‘a Phillips ’98 Ah Wong, Kindergarten – Grade 1 counselor; Fiona Hayashi, Grades 4 – 5 counselor; Shiori Meadows, Grades 2 – 3 counselor.
Academy Counselors (from left to right):
Bennett Valencia, Kimee Cruz-Kalahiki, Tracie Takeshita, Stephanie Passamonte, Chaplain George Scott, Cedar the therapy dog.
College Counselors (from left to right):
Sean Ohira, Hikaru Yamaguchi, Ryan Scudder, Jennifer Baum, Lynne Tsuda, Marques Kaonohi.
Mahalo also to Deans Wendi Kamiya, Lori Komori, Kellen Garcia, Marguerite Ashford and Deane Salter, who serve as college counselors.

Counseling in action: Grades 2 – 3 Counselor Shiori Meadows led Kumu Tabori’s third graders in a lesson on cooperation and teamwork.

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