PFA Supports Our Seniors and Graduation Traditions

Congratulations to our Class of 2023! These students and their families experienced a special senior year filled with a lifetime of memories. 

During the senior year, the Punahou Parent Faculty Association (PFA) is present to support each family as their student’s educational journey culminates at Commencement.

The PFA parent and guardian volunteers support Punahou graduation traditions and events. Volunteering often begins in the junior year when junior parents and guardians shadow and learn from senior parents who lead the PFA Graduation Committee. The PFA Graduation Chair oversees nine committees including Baccalaureate Decoration, Commencement Decoration, Graduation Attire, Post-Graduation Party, Chaperones, Oahuan Signing, Parent Volunteer Coordination, Clothing Collection, and Parent/Guardian Senior Shirts. 

Each graduation committee chair volunteers their time, energy and resources to lead their team of senior parents and guardians. Together they create the most memorable celebrations, seamless logistics and spectacular décor. 

Whether volunteers are assisting with graduation attire fittings and distribution; collecting and distributing change of clothing for the post-graduation party; recruiting and directing chaperones or facilitating the sign-up process and responding to numerous questions; these teams make sure every graduate feels comfortable and looks great!

Moments of celebration, both pre- and post-graduation, such as the Oahuan Signing party and Post-graduation Party were made possible by teams of fun and enthusiastic parent volunteers.  Graduates enjoy treasured time together signing each other’s yearbook at the Oahuan Signing party. While at the post-graduation party, volunteers make it possible for graduates to enjoy an array of activities, including dancing, concerts and food and drink stations until 5 a.m.!

Families also get to join in the class celebration with t-shirts designed by a parent and distributed by the committee. These shirts are worn by families with pride and celebration at various senior events.

The most spectacular decorations at any baccalaureate or commencement need to be seen to be believed. Punahou’s many hands contribute to decorating these time-honored events. A balance of unique creation and tradition. 

Congratulations and mahalo for the many hands that made this year’s graduation events an enjoyable and treasured tradition.

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