Punahou Class of 2023 ‘Grand Finale’

By Caroline Kauhane P ’15, ’17, ’23, ’27, PFA Graduation Chair 

Punahou’s exquisite Dillingham Hall recently set the stage for senior parents heading into the final weeks leading up to the Class of 2023 graduation. It is the same hall where we gathered just four short years ago when our children were launching into their Academy journey. Delivering graduation remarks here symbolized how each soon-to-be-graduate is the culmination of a symphony that started 18 years ago. Each played a unique instrument and melody while harmonizing with their friends and classmates. While some played a prominent solo and others provided the steady rhythm in the background, everyone made a meaningful contribution to the masterpiece.

The success of the students is owed to the support and guidance they have received from their parents, deans, teachers and faculty. They have been the conductors of each student’s symphony, guiding them through life’s ups and downs, helping them find their unique sound, and encouraging them to play it with confidence and pride. The deans, teachers and faculty have been steadily providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, challenging them to reach new heights, and helping them discover their potential. Their dedication and passion have inspired the students to pursue their dreams.

Parents have also contributed to the students’ experiences by supporting them from home and Punahou. They have volunteered as Homeroom, Team Space and Advisory Parents, worked shifts or headed booths or divisions at Carnival, sent in snacks and attended Parent Nights, among many other things. Their support has been an integral part of the students’ success. 

As the crescendo fast approaches, I hope that all of us will take the time to reflect on the growth and progress made and enjoy the beautiful harmony that is being created by the unique notes of each student. We cannot wait to see what beautiful music graduates will create in their next ensemble. Until then, a standing ovation, please. Bravo to the Punahou School Class of 2023!

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