Punahou Faculty and Staff Support PunsUnited Fund

Since the launch earlier this month of the PunsUnited Fund for emergency financial aid, more than half of the gifts have come from Punahou faculty and staff.

This is a testament to the power of our community, and our collective wish to see all current Punahou students return next year, regardless of how their family finances are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

“As a math teacher, I see the limitless potential of our students and want to support them with the gift of a Punahou education, said PunsUnited donor Jennifer Hong ‘92, an Academy faculty member and the School’s director of financial aid. “As the director for financial aid, I hear stories daily of how families are being affected by this pandemic, and know that some of them need additional assistance with their new situation. Ultimately, I hope families know how much the Punahou ‘ohana cares for their children.”

Another PunsUnited Fund donor, School archivist Kylee Mar, said she was a recipient of financial aid throughout her school years, from kindergarten through earning her master’s degree. “If I can help another family bring some relief to their thinking about being a part of a Punahou education, it’s my time to give,” she said. “We are all in an unexpected and hard-hitting period of time for so many reasons and at so many levels.”

Junior School PE teacher Mekia Ostrem ’98 Earle and her husband, Academy Faculty member Ian Earle ’89, said they gave to the fund because they don’t want a single one of their students not to return next year because of money. As teachers and alumni, we know first-hand the power of a Punahou education, they said.

If you are in a position to make a gift, please consider supporting the PunsUnited Fund.

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