Quick Tips for Carnival 2024

Here are 10 helpful reminders about this year’s Carnival.

  1. Cash will NOT be accepted at Punahou booths or games, and may NOT be used to purchase scrip from Scrip Booths.
  2. Please bring your own reusable bags to carry purchased items. Punahou Carnival reusable bags will be available for purchase from the Carnival Wear booth.
  3. Carnival is open to the public the entire time, both days (11 a.m. – 11 p.m.)
  4. The E.K. Fernandez FunPass is the only form of payment accepted for all rides and E.K. Fernandez Games which will be located under the white tent on Lower Field. Rides will be discounted on Friday from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Note that some rides will close at 9 p.m. A $20 bill will be needed for your first purchase of a FunPass at the E.K. Fernandez trailers. FunPass cards from previous events will be accepted.
  5. The Sound Booth is located on Chamberlain Drive in front of Mamiya and is available for information, lost and found items, and announcements.
  6. The Buff ’n Blue store will have Punahou logo items available for purchase in Mamiya 104.
  7. First Aid is available for all Carnival attendees in Mamiya 107. HPD and Security officers will be stationed throughout Carnival grounds.
  8. Haku Lei is using a numbered ticketing buying procedure this year, learn more on the Carnival website.
  9. Students in the Computer Science Club created a Carnival App, check it out by searching “Explore the Shore” in the Apple App store.
  10. Visit the Silent Auction in Luke Lecture Hall and the Art Gallery in Bishop Learning Center.

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