Student Entrepreneurs Support AUW

By Bri-Ela Nakagawa ’26, Students for AUW organizer

To raise funds and spread awareness about Aloha United Way (AUW) and the nonprofits it supports, eight student entrepreneurs joined forces to come up with Students for AUW for Punahou’s annual AUW campaign.

The young entrepreneurs involved in the Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship (CASE) sold original products in the Academy quad from Nov. 14 – 17. Items included cookies decorated like surfboards to bring awareness to AccesSurf, stickers and jewelry made from beach plastics.

“It was incredible to see student entrepreneurs from across the Academy unite in their individual entrepreneurial endeavors to support an organization that advances all aspects of our Island community and culture. I am extremely thankful to share my passion with the Punahou community and support AUW through my business,” said Taylor Yuen ’23, a member of Students for AUW. “I really enjoyed making my products knowing that I was supporting a great cause. A lot of people came to the booths and showed interest. It was really exciting,” Jules Morali ’23 said.

Students for AUW was a great learning experience, and it was also many of the entrepreneurs’ first time selling their products. “I really enjoyed being able to see the different products my peers created. I’ve never been in an environment where there were people my age creating amazing products. It was cool to see talented student entrepreneurs showcase their work,” Hailey Oh ’25 said.

Students hope to continue the event in future years and include middle school and possibly elementary school students so they can have the opportunity to volunteer and give back. After all, students of any age can make a difference in their community.

This November, the Chapel and Luke Center for Public Service organized the Aloha United Way (AUW) campaign and Food Drive in tandem to lend greater community support. The School community collected 11,900 pounds of food for Hawaii Foodbank and The Pantry through donation bins across campus and an alumni drive-through food drive. Small gifts and acts of service, from washing the family car to bake sales to the efforts of Students for AUW, contributed to support AUW.

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