Students Support Aloha United Way

For Punahou’s annual Aloha United Way (AUW) campaign, which runs from  Sept. 9 – Oct. 8, students at all grade levels came up with creative and enterprising ways to support the charitable organization. 

In kindergarten through fifth grade, students raised money by doing chores at home, such as washing the family car and folding laundry. One fourth grader helped paint her neighbor’s house, while other students donated birthday money or their allowance. In middle school, students in a summer design course, in partnership with Luke Center for Public Service, donated proceeds from stickers they designed and sold as part of an entrepreneurship project.

Meanwhile, in the Academy, students sold cafeteria favorites, from caramel cuts to açaí bowls, under a tent in the Academy quad. Some student products were also for sale, such as stickers, to support young entrepreneurs. 

“This year, the Academy snack sales were less of a competition among the grade levels and more about reaching toward a common goal of everyone supporting AUW,” said Chandra Peters, administrative coordinator for the Luke Center. “We also tested out the idea of promoting student entrepreneurs who wanted to give back to the community,”

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