Team Up! Support Your Child’s Reading Growth at Home with Meghan Hargrave

Punahou utilizes the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Units of Study (TCRWP) approach to literacy in grades K – 5. This is an evidence-based approach that offers tools, methods and strategies for developing avid and skilled readers. It blends direct, explicit instruction with personalized teaching and assessment, and places a premium on time for students to read, all while applying high level skills and strategies.

Literacy consultant Meghan Hargrave provides an overview of the TCRWP reading curriculum at Punahou as well as practical and simple ways families can support their child’s literacy education at home in a two-part webinar for K – 2 and 3 – 5 families.

Access the resources referenced in the recordings.

Support Your Child’s Reading Growth at Home for K – 2 Families (March 1, 2022):

Support Your Child’s Reading Growth at Home for 3 – 5 Families (March 8, 2022):

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