The Punahou Spirit

See our latest video reflecting on Punahou’s long legacy of educating global leaders, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, community organizers and others who have dedicated their lives to enhancing the world for others. 

This video will be shown on local television and social media over the next two weeks. Titled “The Human Spirit,” the spot features Carissa Moore ’10, Sumire Matsubara ’09, Henry Kapono ’67, Romi Beppu ’94, Sarah Hicks ’89, Thomas Kosasa ’63, Steve Case ’76, Zak Stone ’00, Barack Obama ’79, Mark Noguchi ’93, Lina Miyakawa ’04, Bridgit Antoinette Evans ’89, Nainoa Thompson ’72, Vanessa Adams ’88 and Lacy Veach ’62.

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