A celebrity dining experience with traditional Kurdish chef Musa Dağdeviren – Alumni and friends enjoyed a variety of meze, ciçek dolması (stuffed squash blossom), fresh dolma, Lahmacun (Turkish pizza) and an array of handmade fruit desserts and homemade ice cream dusted with pistachio. What an honor to have a surprise opportunity to meet chef Musa himself!

“New” & Contemporary Istanbul

Morning flight back to Istanbul, and cross the Golden Horn to Beyoglu district in “new” Istanbul.  New, as in much newer than the ancient historic peninsula where our journey began, yet today it  has it’s own historic charms. Walking tour including lunch of street food tastings along boutique and  eatery lined, pedestrian-packed Istiklal Street, considered the heartbeat of the city. 

Ride the city’s highly efficient Metro to explore one of countless shiny skyscrapers in Istanbul  where Turkey’s educated, western minded live and work. While viewing modern architecture, you’ll  see glimpses of Turkey’s wealth and sophistication far beyond what most Americans even imagine  to exist when visiting only the historical sites of Istanbul.  

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