Top 5 Photos from G-Term

There was no shortage of activity happening during the Academy G-Term. Here are five colorful moments from the four-day courses, including students exploring O‘ahu’s scenery and wildlife, learning how to handle horses and dogs and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Protecting and Restoring Native Bird Populations

For this G-Term experience, students worked alongside conservationists to learn about ongoing efforts related to native bird habitat restoration and conservation. They also ran across this chameleon on one of their treks.

Exploring Oʻahu – Off the Beaten Path

This on-island travel session took students to the east, north and west shores of Oʻahu, including hiking at Nānākuli/Māʻili, touring the Hollywood Hawaiʻi Backlot at Kualoa Ranch, as well as spending one night at a camp in Mokulēʻia.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Students learned techniques and commands for training dogs to be obedient members of any household during this G-Term experience. 

The Ultimate Frisbee Experience

Through practice on campus and at Waimānalo Beach, students honed their skills at Ultimate Frisbee and other disc games. President Mike Latham ’86 even got in on the fun, participating in the course as a student.

Let’s Ride! Horses!

In this G-Term, students learned basic horseback riding skills and horse care in Waimānalo from trained paniolos, including how to groom, saddle and ride a horse, as well as take basic care of other farm animals.

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