Wow! What a Carnival!

Wow! What a Carnival! We pushed the Pedal to the Metal! 

As I reflect on this wonderful journey, seeing the many smiles and hearing the laughter again made it so worth it. It was nice to welcome the greater community back to Punahou to enjoy Carnival again! 

First, many thanks to the entire Punahou community, our faculty and administration, parents, and alumni who gave up their time to volunteer and support the Junior Class of 2024. We couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you.

Secondly, congratulations to the Carnival Co-Chairs, Koko Leong and Lexi Namba, who did an incredible job leading our pit crew. Thank you as well to the student and parent division heads and booth chairs for their hard work and dedication to making this an epic Carnival to remember! To Taryn Kabei, Punahou School Carnival Coordinator, and Lee Ann Ichimura, Punahou PFA Coordinator, thank you for your endless support and wise advice, we couldn’t have done it without the both of you.

To Cheryl Looper, Carnival 2024 Chair, and the entire Class of 2025, let’s keep the momentum going for an awesome Carnival 2024. 

Again, thank you for the wonderful memories! It’s been my pleasure to be the Carnival Chair for 2023. 


Lori Fujimoto P’24 ’20

Carnival Parent Chair 2023

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