2020 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

Congratulations to the 26 Punahou seniors who were named 2020 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists in recognition of their exceptional academic ability and potential for collegiate success. Their high-ranking qualifying test scores put them among the top 1% of high school seniors nationwide. As semifinalists, students may apply to become a finalist in the program, with a chance to earn a scholarship. 

“This is a terrific step, something you should all feel really good about. On behalf of the school, I want to congratulate you all and wish you the very best,” said Punahou President Mike Latham ’86, speaking to the National Merit Scholarship semifinalists.

First row, bottom, from left: Megan Goh, Josette Huang, Lauren Kwee, Zane Yamamoto, Brandon Yee and Ryan Kong. Second row, from left: Blakely Yi, Kate Li, Nicole Nakamoto, Maya Mastick, Mihir Kolli and Robert Liu. Third row, from left: Carter Nakagawa, Josie Mobley, Tyler Sakamoto, Kainoa Jim, Frank Sun and Rebecca Verghese. Fourth row, from left: Isabella Nesti, Jake Wakahiro, Jared Wong, Ka‘eo Wongbusarakum and Aaron Chang. Not pictured: Kevin Huang, Kallie Ruiter and Nico Zambuto. 

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