A Reimagined Carnival in 2021

While Carnival may look a little different this year, our Juniors in the Class of 2022 are hard at work making sure our Punahou community has a memorable experience. As our Space Captains Tate ’22 and Ye Won ’22 shared in the video, there will be a big bang of opportunities to participate in this year’s Carnival.

Here are just some of the ways you can prepare for lift-off in support of our Juniors!

For O‘ahu-based Earthlings …

  • Save the date for Feb. 5 and 6, 2021 for a weekend of out-of-this-world events, including two nights of drive-in entertainment for current Punahou students and their immediate families!
  • Enjoy Carnival food favorites available for pre-ordering and drive-through pickup.
  • Shop online at the upcoming Arts and Craft Sale (Nov. 23), Jams and Jellies Sale (Nov. 30) and our famous Art Gallery (Feb.). All proceeds directly support Carnival 2021 and financial aid at Punahou. (Sorry, shipping is not available for items purchased in the store.)

For Student Space Travelers …

  • The Class of 2022 will be hosting Carnival games on campus for current Punahou Junior School students during the week leading up to Carnival weekend. All activities will follow School safety procedures, and students will participate only with their classroom cohorts.
  • There will also be an e-games tournament for fun-filled online gaming action.
  • Punahou students will enjoy Carnival-themed lunches every day leading up to Carnival weekend.

For Alumni Astronauts living off-island, far, far, away …

  • Plans are in development for a global community service effort so you can take part from wherever you are to support the Junior Class and their Carnival. Stay tuned for more information on the launch!
  • We look forward to sharing stories and videos from Carnival, and hopefully, even live-streamed events during Carnival weekend. We’ll let you know when and where to watch!

For Everyone …

  • Variety Show 2021 is set for an “all-systems-go” production. Our Seniors in the Class of 2021 are preparing a galactic show that will be available virtually for our entire community to enjoy!

Video Transcript

Mike Latham: Aloha. I’m Mike Latham. Of all the traditions at Punahou. Perhaps none is more synonymous with our school than the Punahou Carnival. What began during the Great Depression, with students raising funds for the yearbook, has over time, become a thriving enterprise led by our Junior Class, and supported by hundreds of students, parents, faculty and staff, and alumni volunteers. Beyond the valuable financial aid it raises each year, our Carnival also provides the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, and for our whole School to gather around a common purpose.

This year’s Carnival will be unlike any other. A Carnival truly out of this world. I couldn’t be prouder of our Junior Class and it’s Carnival co-chairs Tate Goodman and Ye Won Ham. They and their Class Deans, Chris David and Jonah Ka’akua, Carnival parent chair, Candace Tagawa, and all of our parent volunteers, alumni and student division heads are hard at work re-imagining Carnival. I’m so inspired by their creativity and the Buff ‘n Blue spirit of our students.

While some things will be different this year due to the pandemic, we’ll find new and fun-filled ways to celebrate what it means to be part of the Punahou community. Now, here to share what Carnival will look like are our co-chairs, Tate and Ye Won.

Tate Goodman: Thank you, Dr. Latham. Greetings everyone. My name is Tate Goodman, and I’m one of the Carnival coaches for Punahou Carnival 2021. Ye Won Ham, my partner and co-chair, and I are proud to represent the Junior Class of 2022 to bring you this news about this year’s Carnival. As you all may know, this year’s Carnival theme is a Carnival Out of this World. Carnival this year will be a mix of familiar traditions, and the start of some new ones as well. We have been working with the Pandemic Response Team to design a Carnival that will be fun for everyone, and also promotes the health and safety of our School community, whatever the conditions in February may be.

Ye Won Ham: Here are some things you can expect. While we won’t be able to have rides this year due to health considerations, we will be able to have on-campus activities for Punahou students. For example, students will be able to enjoy games by cohort, like basketball, ring toss, Strong Man, golf and more. In terms of food, Carnival-themed lunches will be available for students on days leading up to Carnival. For families, we’ll have huli huli chicken, our famous Portuguese bean soup, gyros and, of course, malasadas. Not to mention arts and crafts, plants, haku lei and jams and jellies are all going to be available for drive-through pick up. There willl also be a drive-in event for Punahou’s families with live entertainment and musical performances. There will be online festivities as well, with an online gaming tournament, a virtual haku lei workshop, White Elephant and our famous art gallery, all going online. There’ll also be a community service component this year, with a coordinated food drive and beach or park cleanups both here in Hawai‘i, and with our alumni around the world.

TG: The future will be here before you know it, so save the date now.

YWH: Carnival 2021 will be on Friday, Feb. 5 and Saturday, Feb. 6. Please make sure to save those dates.

ML: And may the Buff ‘n Blue spirit always be with you.

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