Sarah Craven ’81

Alumni Share Global Career Advice

Far-flung alumni answered the call to pay it forward by participating in the Global Careers Spotlight event in April. The event, held in the Learning Commons in Cooke Library, gave Academy students interested in living and working abroad the chance to meet alumni who have chosen global career paths. The event attracted about 70 students and 30 parents. Twenty-six alumni participated, in person and via videoconference.

Sarah Craven ’81, Director of the United Nations Population Fund in Washington, D.C., was the evening’s keynote speaker. Students also heard pre-recorded video messages from alumni in London and New York City before splitting into breakout sessions by industry.

Alumni from the U.S. continent as well as from Kenya, France, Spain, China and Singapore participated via videoconference. They offered valuable advice specific to their work and industries, and also about the experience of living in a different country and culture.

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