Carnival Underway with Games Galore

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Carnival 2021 is officially underway, with students from kindergarten through grade 5 taking part in all kinds of fun games on Lower Field this week and through Feb. 3. Starting on Monday, children, grouped by cohorts, took part in Basketball, Ring Toss, Golf, Menehune Strongman, Frogs in the Lilypond and Fish Swish. Those learning at home were also able to come to campus – some for the first time this school year – to enjoy A Carnival Out of This World.”

To adhere to State and School health protocols, student leaders from the Class of 2022 reimagined this year’s Carnival, while staying true to traditions. Although there is no public event this year, students and parent volunteers organized a range of activities that allow for fun, while keeping everyone safe.

Another fun activity organized by the Skills and Games Division was “Interstellar Games,” which hosted one of today’s most popular video games, Among Us, for Academy students. “That game not only fit the theme of Carnival – being set in space – but it also is a game that everyone can play,” said Chase Takamori ’22, booth chair of the Online Gaming Tournament. “Interstellar Games was one of a few completely new booths for Carnival. Our job was to build a whole new experience from the ground up.”

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