Financial Aid Changed the Lives of These Alumni

Punahou accepts students based on their potential to thrive. We offer financial assistance to families so that a Punahou education is possible for any student with high academic promise.

Currently more than 25% of students receive financial aid, with an average award of $10,900. Learn more about financial aid at Punahou and how it made an impact on these Punahou alumni.

Xuan Nguyen ’19

“When I got my acceptance letter to Punahou for sixth grade, I was thrilled. I had toured the campus and seen the neat features – sleek buildings, colorful chairs and a lily pond! After the initial excitement wore down, the reality of attending a private school set in. How was my family going to pay for it?” Xuan Nguyen ’19 shared. “My parents, however, decided to trust the process.”

Nguyen received financial aid for the duration of her time at Punahou. Now graduated, she is studying nursing in college. Read more.

Ron Cox ’62

Judge and distinguished veteran Ron Cox ’62 says his interest in public service was sparked at Punahou, where he was the beneficiary of the School’s financial aid program. His father was a first-generation immigrant from the West Indies, and his family moved when he was 2 to Hawai‘i.

“Without that scholarship, there was just no way my family could have afforded for me to attend and get the benefit of the education and the associations I gained as a result,” he said. Read more about Cox’s life and career.

Piueti Maka ’13

As a first year student at John A. Burns School of Medicine, Piueti Maka ’13 is working towards her lifelong goal to improve health care access for Pacific Islanders and native Hawaiians. It was during her time at Punahou that Maka realized a medical career was even possible.

“Without Punahou, I feel like my life would not have gone in the same direction,” she said. Receiving financial support gave her to the motivation that someone believed in her and that she deserved to be where she was on her educational journey. Read more about Maka’s path.

Donovan Sabog ’14

Donovan Sabog ’14, a recipient of financial aid at Punahou School, reveals how his life flourished with opportunities after coming to the School.

Chase Stone ’17

Hear from a Chase Stone ’17 about the impact financial aid has had on his life.

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