Hall of Fame: Edward James Hitchcock (1933)

A descendant of the Hitchcock clan which has had family members attending Punahou from its very beginning, Eddie continued the illustrious athletic reputation established by his older half brothers, Rexford, Randolph and William who attended Punahou in the 1908 – 1916 era and were outstanding athletes.This article appears as originally published in the Fall 1986 issue of the Punahou Bulletin.

By the time Eddie completed Junior Academy his extensive athletic abilities were well established and it was obvious he would be outstanding in his high school years. That he was, earning ten varsity letters in four sports; three in football, two in track, two in baseball and three in swimming.

During his football career he played quarterback, halfback, fullback, end and punter. As a punter, he was particularly outstanding winning the annual Rawlins Kicking Contest in both his junior and senior year, a feat which, up to that time, had bee accomplished by only one other person. Tough and virtually indestructible, he played every minute of every game in his junior and senior years. In his senior year he was team captain and punter and star fullback. His versatility again manifested itself in baseball where he played and starred at every position: catcher, pitcher, infielder and outfielder.

In track he was a consistent pole vaulter, winning first place honors in the Cornell relays in his junior year and placing in every event he entered in his senior year. But, it was in swimming that his performances were truly remarkable. Starting in the ninth grade he won his first varsity letter by placing second in the 100 novice freestyle in the annual Yale meet. Then in his next three years, swimming in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle events and in the relays, he placed in every event in which he was entered in the annual ILH Championship Meets. He was able to accomplish this with no training whatsoever as he was on the baseball team at the same time. Fortunately, baseball games were during the day and swimming meets at night, making it possible for him to participate in both sports.

Graduating from Punahou, Eddie starred two years as fullback with the Honolulu Town team which in 1934 defeated the University of California and then a mainland College All Star team. During those two years he helped out also at Punahou, coaching the backs and punters. In 1935 Eddie joined the Honolulu Police Department and because of his duties was not involved in coaching for some years at Punahou though he did coach football on Oahu’s “windward side.” In 1947 Eddie returned to coaching at Punahou on a volunteer basis and from 1947 to 1954 held the following positions. Varsity backfield coach, assistant and head J.V. football coach, assistant and head Varsity baseball coach.

He also participated as a baseball player, coach and manager of the Honolulu Police Baseball team during WWII which competed against major league players who were in the Armed Services. He was manager and player also for the Hawaiians in the Hawaii Senior baseball League from 1950 to 1952.

An avid softball player, he played for, coached and managed police department teams form 1937 to 1955. These teams won many championships. He is still participating in softball and plays a minimum of three games per week in the Makua Alii Softball league (“55 years and over,” “60 years and over” and “65 years and over” teams). In addition he is currently on the “70 and over” team which will be participating in the national championships in Las Vegas this year. An outstanding pistol shot and former State Pistol Champion, he served six years as Captain of the State Pistol team which participated in National Championship Matches on the Mainland.

In his “spare” time he is a golfer with a 14 handicap.

Asked what his greatest personal thrills were in sports he listed the following: first, seeing his sons, Rexford ’54 and Hale’57 play on championship football teams and participate as outstanding athletes in other sports at Punahou. Next, to see his grandsons participate as outstanding football and soccer players; and finally, to play in a game of softball at Aloha Stadium against a team which had one son and one grandson playing. He then confided, “They both outhit me!”

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