Hall of Fame: Starr Dawson McLaughlin (1986)

Forgive Starr Dawson McLaughlin if the details are a little fuzzy – or that the celebrations are more memorable. Scoring in four championship soccer games makes it difficult to remember details.

“My favorite memory from each of the four championships was always seeing my family at the end of each championship and seeing them so proud,” said McLaughlin, who helped Punahou to four straight state titles.

As a freshman, and with the score tied 4-4 in penalty kicks against Castle, McLaughlin was the final shooter. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘If I make it, we win … if I make it, we win!’ I don’t remember exactly where the ball went, but I did make it, and we did win!”

In her sophomore season, McLaughlin was knocked out of the game due to dizziness, but re-entered to score with time running out to lead Punahou to a win. As a junior, she scored and added two assists in the final but most remembers watching the Punahou boys team, who also captured a state title that night.

As a senior, McLaughlin again scored the game-winning shot. “I actually don’t really remember scoring this goal,” she said. “Isn’t that sad? But I have seen in print that I did, so that’s great!”

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