Inside the Bulletin: Kuana‘ike Revisited

With every issue of this magazine, the aim is to take readers on a seamless journey from the opening page to the close. With each lineup of stories and photos, an intentional, distinct personality and tone comes forth.

For this summer edition, our editorial team chose not to dwell on “couldn’ts” or “didn’ts.” That’s not to dismiss the enormous challenges students, teachers and others in our School community grappled with during the pandemic, but it seemed more appropriate to focus on what did happen and how the school year carried on.

Thus, there is a underlying brightness to this issue of the Bulletin, which doesn’t just translate to smiling faces and beautiful campus shots. It’s in the spirit of the people featured. Students, faculty and alumni were unfailingly amazing. The School rolled out innovative initiatives, programs and events, and traditions such as May Day, Holoku, Baccalaureate and Commencement carried on, albeit in new ways.
Punahou’s longstanding mission to educate students to contribute to the world in meaningful ways is
exemplified in the cover package, which centered on alumni, students and faculty who are addressing food insecurity in Hawai‘i. There has been a resounding call to action to rise up and help others since COVID-19, and so many people in our community did just that. As Punahou Trustee Duane Kurisu said during our recent Festival of Ideas, the people of Hawai‘i have a unique, kind and giving soul that should be preserved.

With the academic year now behind us, I can’t help but recall the School theme that our chaplains offered – “kuana‘ike” or perspective. “When we seek to put things in perspective, pulling back from details and looking at the ‘bigger picture,’ we can become open to new ways of thinking,” they wrote.
This message launched us into the 2020-2021 school year, and still resonates a year later as we acknowledge the conviction that allowed us to go forth – to complete a demanding school year with purpose and light.

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