Inside the Classroom: Junior School Snapshot

On any given day, there is a flurry of activity across campus. Here’s a look at one day in the Junior School.

In Ali Grasse’s second grade class, students learned about different jobs and careers that they were interested in. They dressed for such roles as a marine biologist, actress and DJ and presented facts about the job to their class. To put a fun spin on it, Grasse interviewed students in front of the class in the style of a talkshow, while their parents could watch over Webex.

Third graders in Luana Yee’s class polished their ipu at the Lily Pond. Other third graders cleaned out the inside of their gourds outside the classroom. Students are prepping their instruments for May Day hula and mele, and as part of the third grade focus on Hawaiian studies.

The eighth graders of Diandra Jones’ English class created art to inspire and educate classmates about various social topics, including climate change, body issues, inequality and more, touched upon in books they’d recently read. “Art evokes emotions and can be more powerful than news or nonfiction and students had the creative freedom to really express themselves,” Jones said.

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