Luncheon with Distinguished Lawyer Leslie Morioka ’64

On Tuesday, over 24 Academy students and faculty members gathered in the Wo International Center for a luncheon with distinguished alumna Leslie Morioka ’64, hosted by the Davis Democracy Fellows. Morioka shared insights from her extensive career spanning over three decades in law, focusing on litigation, corporate transactions, and regulatory matters at White & Case LLP in New York City. Inspired to represent women, she pursued and obtained a JD and MPA from Pace, leading to a successful 25-year tenure as a patent attorney in a prestigious law firm. 

Besides her professional achievements, Morioka is known for her global pro bono work, even continuing post-retirement. She emphasized the importance of curiosity, motivation, hard work, collaboration and teamwork for success. Morioka, who also worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the NY State Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau, remains committed to equity, fairness, and ocean conservation efforts.

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