Mahalo, Teachers!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and students across Punahou have submitted virtual messages of appreciation to their teachers, who have spent the past several weeks creatively connecting with their classes through distance learning.

A warm mahalo to all our dedicated teachers, who tirelessly devote themselves year-round to guiding and educating our children, as well as to the Punahou Parent Faculty Association (PFA), who coordinated this effort to send messages of thanks.

Messages to Teachers

To Paraluman Stice-Durkin: “Thank you for your great lesson plans. When we went into lockdown I really wondered how kids would learn in an online chemistry class that is lab heavy. But you did it! I love how you are able to take simple kitchen experiments and make the kids extrapolate a deep understanding of what went on, chemically, in the experiment. I also love how you still make sure to make the kids write their homework by hand, which is so good for the memory. Thank you for all your hard work!” – Parent

To Reynolds Takata: “Thank you, Coach Reyn, for all the chess lessons you teach, and how you go into very specific details to make we really learn the strategy correctly. And in doing so, you also make it really fun.” – Student, Class of 2028

To Punahou Music School (Helen Casano, Steven Casano, Duane Padilla, Neela Kinariwala, Maile Reeves, Stephanie Lawton, Craig Young, Catherine Goto): “We appreciate the amazing Punahou Music School teachers! They have been so supportive throughout the years, and even with distant learning, our daughter Aya is getting full support from them. We thank each teachers from the bottom of our hearts. – Okimoto ‘ohana

To Stephanie Brown, Jona Umeda, Valerie Hu and Bob Tam: “You are all wonderful and kind! We deeply appreciate you and your commitment to helping our children learn and grow. Although we are experiencing a challenging time, your dedication and flexibility should be celebrated even more. Extra cheers and hugs to you!” – Current parent

To Mrs. Kelekolio and Ms. Aoyama and support staff: “You all have been so amazing in making this tremendously difficult time easier for both the children and us parents that are trying to fill your shoes! Thank you for all that you do everyday to keep our little one’s minds active and engaged.” – Current parent

To Lee Young-Kingsbury and all the teachers of Team Space 8x: “My son came up to me randomly one day, and just said, ‘Mom, I like Punahou. I like all my teachers. They’re all cool.’ Boy, was I happy. Thank you teachers for being so cool!” – Current parent

To Academy faculty: “A big MAHALO for making the best possible out of an impossible unprecedented situation these past few months. All your hard work and heartfelt efforts every year are much appreciated. Shows how much you care! Every year when we attend Open House and meet all the amazing teachers, we are dazzled and feel lucky for our child to have this awesome educational opportunity! Special thanks to our Deans of Class of 2020 for taking such good care of our children with passion and love. Go Punahou Class of 2020!” – Current parent

To all Punahou teachers: “As a parent of two, an alumnus, a brother-in-law of a longtime employee, a friend to many of you and someone who simply believes in the intangible “IT” quality of THE Punahou School community… I couldn’t be more grateful. Good grief, is it evident you CARE about our kids. I appreciate you. We all do.” – Current parent and alumni

To Mrs. Koshiba, Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Julie Crane Cory and President Mike Latham: “Mahalo for all your hard work this year! Who would have expected this! All I can think of are the life lessons we are all learning! I am enjoying all this extra time with my kids, but we sure miss things, even traffic getting to school! Thank you for taking care of Matthew and inspiring him! We sure miss you all!

Dr. Latham – what a first year! Don’t think you could have had a more trying first year as president but you’re handling it with grace, and I appreciate your leadership! Here’s hoping 2020-2021 is a bit more smooth sailing!” – Stacy Delmonte and Matthew Kaminer ‘27

To Denise Wong and Karisse Sakahara: “Thank you for an amazing third grade year for Na Lupe!!! You have done a wonderful job, and Na Lupe is a phenomenal community of learners, even with distance between them. Mahalo nui from the Archambaults!” – Current parent and alumni

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