Mālama Meals Provides Food Amid Crisis

David Campbell ’85 started Mālama Meals as a way to help at-risk people get food safely during the crisis.

After the COVID-19 crisis forced restaurants to close their dine-in operations, Aloha Beer Company partner Dave Campbell ’85 decided to transform his and other businesses into centers for community outreach.

“After talking with a partner of ours – Da Spot – an idea was born – to use our existing food production facilities, food and delivery resources to help ensure that kūpuna and others who might have trouble getting necessary meals in these trying times are covered,” Campbell said.  

Aloha Beer Company, Da Spot Health Foods & Juices, Blue Water Shrimp and the City and County of Honolulu joined together to form a nonprofit, Mālama Meals, with a mission of providing food to communities in need or at-risk during the pandemic by distributing nourishing, freshly made meals and supplies prepared under strict health and safety protocols.

Despite only recently forming, the organization is now serving free, hot meals to thousands of O‘ahu residents daily, along with providing job security to hundreds of employees that depend on the food industry for their livelihood.

As stated on the organization’s website: “We are keeping our at-risk communities, first and foremost, the kupuna and keiki, safe and nourished during this COVID-19 crisis by providing delivery of a free daily hot meal. Everyone working together to help each other out during this time has been a blessing to our mental health during this period of social distancing, creating strong lasting bonds. We are doing are our part to help Hawai‘i emerge from this even stronger.”

To learn more, visit https://malamameals.org/ or call (808) 943-6325.

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