‘Radium Girls’

Two casts of Academy students performed in two livestreamed performances of “Radium Girls,” a one-act play presented by Punahou Theatre Department. The live performances were shown online on Nov. 5 and Nov. 6., and more than 75 students took part in the production, which was staged at Dillingham Hall.

“What an incredible rehearsal and production process,” Punahou Theatre Director Melinda Moore said. “Theatre education is alive and well in Dillingham! The students on the cast and crew are talented, humble and kind human beings. They created a truly special piece of art.” 

“Radium Girls,” written by D.W. Gregory, is based on the true story of female laborers who were poisoned and killed by their factory’s radium-based paint from 1918 to the 1940s. The play examines the commercialization of science, the pursuit of both health and wealth, the power of the underdog, and the deep injustice laborers in America have faced, and may even continue to face today.

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